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Everyone Loves to be Celebrated!

Everyone loves to be celebrated! Remember a Birthday, recognize a deed well done, or greet by name and the warm-fuzzies appear. Whether you are working with staff or customers, personal affirmation is important.

The most effective engagement on Social Media often comes from visual affirmation posts. Celebrating life, celebrating individual gifts, reveling opportunity. The more a brand engages with customers on an individual basis, brand recognition happens automatically. Here are 5 ways you can engage successfully:

1. Send a birthday greeting

2. Tag someone with an article and say "thought of you"

3. Send a link that celebrates a personal hobby.

4. Always respond to comments by using @name

5.Recognize their life accomplishments with a congratulations post.

Think about the last time someone did this for you.

Do you remember their name?

Case proven.

Celebrate people on a personal leve.

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