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10 Tips for Curbside Appeal- Senior Housing & AFH's

Every business struggles to keep “fresh” eyes on their curbside appeal. Customers do “judge a book by its cover” and they will avoid your store or community if they find it in disarray. Here is a quick checklist you can use to look through the lenses of your customers.

The view from the street:

  • You have visible signage

  • Flags, Banners out front to catch attention

  • Uncluttered windows

  • Markec community vehicles are parked where passersby can see the signage

  • With multiple floors: make sure apartments or offices don’t have distracting items on their decks

  • Remove all old and dumpy signage: In Seattle we say "if it is growing green algae, it’s time to clean it or replace it."

  • Garbage free public areas and walkways

  • Weed free gardens

  • Seasonal flowers or hanging baskets at the entry

  • Swept and pressure washed walkways

  • The landscaping looks like the landscapers “just left”

  • Cars are in the lot-you never want to look abandoned

  • Resident or staff's never-driven beater is discreetly hidden

  • Customer parking is ample and right next to the front door

  • No potholes or faded paint lines, sidewalk cracks, overflowing trash cans as they enter

  • No annoying speed bumps

  • Memorable door/entry way

  • Hanging Flower Baskets

  • Furniture outside for sitting or waiting for transporation

  • Use Holiday/Seasonal décor at the entry

  • Eliminate all small notes and signs (especially paper ones)

  • Have a branded welcome mat with your logo or name

  • Mobility equipment should not be parked outside (find a special parking area that is out of sight from visitors and easily accessible to residents or caregivers).

  • Make sure it smells nice upon entry.

  • Fresh Flowers are a welcome greeting.

  • Sleeping residents in common areas should not be the first impression upon entering.This gives the impression of boredom or even neglect.

  • Mobility devices tucked away

  • Uncluttered Reception Area 24/7

  • A“Contact us” button is visible on all pages

  • Website is easy to navigate

  • Font size is flexible (can be increased for older eyes)

  • Website offers timely and updated Information, calendars, photos, etc…

  • Have more photos and videos than text.

  • Every page has a call to action: contact us, more information here, etc…

  • Ask Outsiders to give a 'fresh eye' look and give their opinions.

  • Ask them what they remember about your site both online and off: Did anything stand out?

  • Ask yourself, or ask your customers: What is the last thing they see, feel and believe about your business as they drive off? Their last thought should be about who they want to bring back to see your community.

Salt & Light Consulting helps businesses shed light, provide solutions and build success through Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Creative coaching and services. Find out more at

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