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Top 10 Facebook Groups to Join for Artists

As an artist, the most important part of business is getting your work in front of those who will appreciate it and purchase it. Marketing is often one of the most difficult tasks for a creative person who would rather be in the studio than in front of a computer. But if you don't reach out to your customers, they may never find you. That is where Facebook can give artists a helping hand. Here are 10 of the top artist facebook groups for mixed media that I discovered in 2014. Some are international, national, and others are local to the Seattle area, but you can find similar groups near your city of business. The groups listed offer you the opportunity to connect with other creatives and get your work out to be seen.

1 Urban Sketchers .

2 Magically Mixed Art Community .

3. Creative Artist Group

4.Artist Jourrnal Workshop

5.Fine Art

6. All the Artists of Facebook

7.Art is Wonderful

8.La Magia del Grafito

9. Just Handmade

10.Adictos al Arte

Why these groups? Not only will they give you the opportunity to post your creative work, and see other artist posts, but each one has memberships ranging between 13,000-29,000 people. That means that a higher percentage of humans will see your work than on the smaller facebook group postings.

Just a few respectful rules to follow:

  • No spaming

  • Share excellent content

  • Be sure you check group rules before posting anything, but especially before posting your own facebook business page

  • Be generous with your likes and shares...

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