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Stay in Touch Without Stalking- 10 Tips

Do you ever get that uneasy feeling when you pick up the phone to follow up on a client or that you're being a pest by contacting them too often?

There is no question that in these tough times of occupancy challenges, you must stay front and center with customers, but incessant telephone calling is not the answer. Balance your follow up with the following ten practical tips for staying in touch without being creepy.

  1. Mix it up. Don't use the same contact snoozer methods over and over. Mix up your media by varying your contact methods.

  2. Change the message. Don’t always contact just to sell. Send something funny, educational, or touch base with a clarifying question. Business related materials end up in the trash, so make each contact creatively different.

  3. Send a Thank You Note Remember the last time you got something other than junk mail? You will be remembered. Every now and then take the time to send a thank you card to your clients and let them know you don't take their business for granted. Give it character by using generic cards that are more personal rather than a thank you card plastered with your company logo. Hand write your message and the labels.... Use a real stamp. Your effort won't go unnoticed!

  4. Email a Newsletter:You can unassumingly 'touch' your clients with your company newsletter but make certain that the content has more than availability, sales or special offers. Create value that goes beyond a business relationship.

  5. Send an Educational Article: Scan the web and look for sites or links that might be of interest to your customer or their families. Send an email with a personal note “I saw this and thought of you…” with the link where they can go to read the information. For large articles, create a “series” that you send over a period of weeks or months so that they look forward to “part 2 or 3”.

  6. Incorporate Snail Mail: Postcards, notecards, and thank you notes are almost extinct, but the joy in receiving them is not. They will be delighted to hear from you.

  7. Have a Contest: Especially for Holidays, this can be a fun way to remain in contact. Set up a trivia questions or ask for a story and offer a prize for the best responses.

  8. Email a Greeting Card:Choose an online greeting card company that allows you to incorporate a personal message. Jib Jab allows you to personalize fun greetings with photos. (great for resident pics) My personal favorite is Jackie Lawson It requires a small yearly fee and offers animated cards with music that are pretty classy. Note…they do not offer business use of their cards, so we keep these cards personal birthdays and special holidays rather than bulk emails.

  9. Send a Dimensional Mailer : Be memorable! Send them a book, or seasoning salt, or anything that has height, weight, scope and dimension and relates to either their personal interests or your brand. One client had the care team sign get well notes on a plastic ball and mailed it as a Get Well greeting. They were wowed by the fun and thoughtfulness involved! Your top customers will never forget.

  10. Make a Non-Sales Phone Call or Visit: Personal connections are just that…personal. When following up with customers, they don’t want to hear a sales pitch with every conversation. Take time to engage in conversation, invite them for an event, or coffee nearby. Follow up after a hospital visit or major life event to check in with them. Call for any other reason than business

Staying in touch without being a pest requires time and effort but the rewards are worth it. Combining several of these ideas into your strategic marketing and sales plan will help you keep in touch and make it memorable. Your efforts will translate into loyal customers and consistent sales. Take the time and effort to add these 10 Tips to your current Marketing Strategy today.

**Salt & Light Consulting helps businesses shed light, provide solutions and build success through Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Creative coaching and services.

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