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Your customers are spending more than two hours per day on social platforms and researching products every day. Every business needs to use Social Media to reach new customers and communicate with loyal fans. Salt & Light Consulting can help you engage through Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Email campaigns. We can create content, manage your accounts and partner with you to train your team.


It is no longer expensive to incorporate short, branded video to engage on line.  Video has the highest engagement of all content on social platforms. We design dynamic visual content to reach your niche.



Your customer will see up to 5000 advertising images a day! Lack of distinction creates extinction.  We help you present your product/service in a way that differentiates you from the competition and captures the attention of your customers.



Company productivity is the result of intelligent planning and flexibility. At Salt & Light Consulting, we believe that creating a strategic plan with consistent content is the baseline for continued financial success. We will help you develop clear initiatives to reach your sales and marketing goals.





With over 10 years creating advertising strategies for the 50+ market, Salt & Light can partner with you to design visual and written ideas that are memorable and produce the most for your dollars. We can design for both the initial touch and the crucial follow up of your customers. 

  • Social Media Content/Management

  • Blog posts

  • PR Announcements

  • Review Responses

  • News/Magazine Articles

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Website Copy/Design

  • Collateral

  • Short Video

  • Photography services

  • Email Campaigns


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